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What is the Barbados Ninja Throwdown?

Barbados Ninja Throwdown is a local sports entertainment competition that features some obstacles that are seen on the show, “American Ninja Warrior”, with a local twist to them. It encompasses individuals from different disciplines to complete the course in the fastest time possible. The Barbados Ninja Throwdown has a long existing partnership with the National Ninja League. This year, the top 10 athletes per gender, per division, per county will qualify directly to the NNL World Championships 2024.

Is there an age limit?

There are different divisions for each age group. For 2023, the BNT will only allow the following age groups to sign up:

Kids (6-8)
Mature Kids (Age 9-10)
Preteens (Age 11-12)
Teens (Age 13-14)
Young Adults (15-17)
Elite (Age 15+)
Adults (18+)
Masters (40+)

The competitor’s age on January 1st, 2024 will decide what age category they fall into.

Do men and women compete together?

Men and women will most likely run the same course. However, it is possible there could be changes made for a specific gender within each division. The top 10 per gender, per division, per country who haven’t qualified yet will qualify directly for the NNL World Championships 2024.

What is the Elite division?

The Elite division is an all-new division for the Barbados Ninja Throwdown. It is open to the best of the best athletes who are 15 years and older and has the most prize money of any division.

Are there any prizes?

Yes there are. Prizes have not been determined as yet for the upcoming event. We’ll update you with the prizes as soon as that information is available.

Who can sign up?

The BNT 2023 Competition welcomes athletes from around the world! Come for the competition, come for the fun, and come for the vacation you most certainly deserve! This is literally a win-win situation you don’t want to miss out on. Again the registration is open to the following ages:

Kids 6-8 | Mature kids 9-10 | Pre-teens 11-12 | Teens 13-14 | Elite 15+ | Young Adults 15-17 | Adults 18+ | Masters 40+

Are there any requirements before registering?

To ensure a smooth registration, it’s best to prepare the following 2 steps below:

1. Have your Ninja Works ID ready.
o If you competed at an NNL Event in the past, you can find your ID here: https://worldninjaleague.org/athlete-search.html
o If not, you can create one for free. When signing up, please select the correct Date of Birth and division. https://timing.ninjaworks.com/accounts/register/

2. Book your flights to Barbados, arriving anywhere before September 1st and departing anywhere after September 2nd & prepare a screenshot of your flight confirmation.

How do I sign up for the competition?
What are the rules of the competition?
  • Selected BNT course obstacle testing will take place on September 1st and 2nd 2022. The Mature Kids and Pre-teens will be on September 1st 2022 and the Teens and Elite will be on September 2nd 2022
  • Your results will be tracked until your last completed obstacle.
    o After failure, you may continue the course until your time limit hits zero.
    o To ensure the safety on the course and keeping it dry for other athletes, the moment the athlete gets wet at a water obstacle, their run ends.
  • For more detailed rules, please read the NNL Rulebook here: https://www.nationalninja.com/nnl-rulebook.html
Can I compete in both my age group and in Elite division?

No. When you register for your division, you will have to stay in that division for the rest of the season.



Barbados Ninja Throwdown is a local sports entertainment competition that features some obstacles which are seen on the show, “American Ninja Warrior”, with a local twist


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